P2P and VLAN limitations

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P2P and VLAN limitations

I have a location that I need to set up I am thinking three APs. One will be at the main building and pointing in the direction of the other 2. The thing is this is a 100% band-aid job for a cheapo security system. So what I need is below.


AP at main building - Broadcast 3 hidden SSIDs, each with own VLAN

AP at pole 1 - 1 SSID, one VLAN

AP at pole 2 - 2 SSIDs, VLAN for each, heading to a 8 port and out.


Other then the possibility of the broadcast area not hitting both remote APs, does anyone see any possible pain points? the APs will be in almost a straight line but at a incline which looks to be giving both remote APs direct line of site over ~800ft back to main AP. And does anyone have any suggestions for AP+Antennas? Like I said almost straight line but on an incline allowing clear line of site as distant AP is about 50 ft higher, first remote AP at ~300ft and second almost directly behind it at ~800ft.


*Cheapo camera system claims to be IP but needs plugged directly into DVR and into specific port. Tested and I can run over my switch network as long as I keep it on a dedicated VLAN, per camera, the entire way back to DVR otherwise DVR refuses to see camera.

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Kind of a big deal

Just know that you're doing P2P over wifi which brings down your speed by half. Also for antennas check which option is best for you. Maybe a patch antenna it looks like. Make sure you have an AP model that will support this.




bottom of page shows antennas.

Getting noticed

Ive used P2P before, but with Meraki are you sure that it is going to decrease the speed by half? I understand most APs but Meraki has a bunch of built in dedicated stuff and since they all support mess fail over I think it would be a great over site not to have a dedicated band that can be used for P2P data.


And for the AP was thinking more of "Do I need to go to MR84 or will MR74 be enough?" Havent used Meraki for P2P only Unifi and a bit of Mikrotik and they both have models specifically for P2P.

Kind of a big deal

Zero-touch point-to-point links
• Build a long-distance bridge between
two networks
• Two MR74s can establish a long range
link using high-gain antennas


This is from the datasheet. You should be fine. Test Test Test. 😃


Like @kYutobi said, do test this out first! Also read this page:



There are limitations to what you can do with VLANs over a wireless link.

Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

Note that you can only bridge a single VLAN to the local Ethernet port of a repeater.






you can use MR84 for outdoor purpose with Dual–Band Patch Antenna (8/6.5 dBi Gain)






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