Multi reboot device access point


Multi reboot device access point

Dear all, I have a question.

Why does Meraki not develop the multi reboot feature?

It takes me a long time to reboot each device in my WLAN. 😞

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If this is to reboot Meraki APs?


One idea is to cycle Multiple Ports on the switch (If  you are using Meraki POE Switches.).

However the feature is interesting and you may put a request on "Make a Wish" section from the Dashaboard.


I'm with @AjitKumar - cycle the switch ports or even reboot the switches.


but what if we don't have Meraki POE Switch or any other Manageable Switch which can be rebooted from dashboard?  

Also, teams in large corporations do not always mean the Wi-Fi people have access to switches and vice-versa. This is a big limitation.

Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

I'd be interested in why people are rebooting the APs regularly, we may only have 120 or so but unless an AP is down or I want to change the firmware, I cannot ever remember needing to reboot an AP.

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You must be one of the rare .0000001% of network admins that do not experience signal/connectivity/throughput degradation over time. I am not one of those lucky few, and when there's an issue with my Meraki WAPs (or even my Unifi WAPs or home WAP) the first fix is power cycle. That's usually all that is needed to clear out any issues. It would be nice to be able to schedule a weekly rolling reboot of WAPs at a time when nobody is on campus and actively needing the network.

Thank you!

Maybe i will request that feature on "make a wish" form the dashboard, hope that feature will be develop in the future 🙂

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I currently have to reboot 50 WAPs every morning at one of my sites.  On a touchscreen computer or tablet, it's pretty easy to do it fast as long as you aren't using the Meraki app.  Usually takes me maybe 2 minutes to cycle through them all.  In the online portal, select the first one and then use the 'Next' arrow to speed through.  Next > Tools > Reboot > Yes

Rinse and repeat.


Not everybody uses Meraki Switches throughout their LAN.  It would be impractical for me to reboot the 15 Cisco switches that drive each WAP cluster.


Someone mentioned to me in another thread that there may been an API to use for this function, but I haven't had the chance to look into it yet.


I'm also looking for a way to schedule a reboot of the 14 APs I look after, as we are having some infrequent, but repeat Wifi issues that a AP reboot seems to fix.  I'm curious @Asavoy - why are you rebooting 50 WAPs every day?

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@RyanG22 thankfully I don't have to do that anymore.  It was a buggy firmware that would randomly stop allowing users to connect to the secure SSID.


Never did find a way to reboot multiple access points.

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If the APs are connected to Meraki switches, you can use the switch port schedule feature to cycle the switch ports on a daily basis. I have a customer that has an old Non-Meraki IP camera that keeps locking up and rather than replace the camera, I just have the Meraki switch cycle the port that it is connected to every night at midnight.

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@jbright  No, standard Cisco POE switches.  We can't afford that many Meraki devices and licenses as a public school district.


Would be nice to have something that should be "basic functionality" in the dashboard.

I asked about this functionality back in 2017. Heck the people that were working on the development of the API at the time no longer work for the company! Its pretty bad that they can't add the ability to delegate the functionality of rebooting APs through the API in bulk or even singular for that matter! Actually, you can't delegate any functions from the Web GUI besides a "Super Admin" or "Read Only". Furthermore if you want to build your own roles using the API to build delegation they don't even have methods that support this!


We are a longtime Meraki customer with thousands of APs! Please listen to the customers wishes!



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This really must be implemented. I do not find powering ports on and off to be effective because- 
1) when they lose power, they often don't come back nicely. Red lights on the secondary indication lights.
2) when they lose power, on the switch, they sometimes go into rainbow land and have to be booted from the router to come back.


Thus, it's really not a good idea. Because taking power off and on at the switch in our experience introduces more problems.


Please please do a mulit-boot. 

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I have asked for this feature at least 6 years ago yet no one has done anything about it. They have just made excuses even though it should be a feature. Yes, you can achieve this function through other ways if you have access, but it doesn't make it less important of a request to some. I also mentioned this needs to be part of the API.

We also need something that shows us the uptime of an AP. So, for those of us with more than a few dozen APs in environment can have assistance with tracking.

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