Mix MR33 with MR46 & WIFI6

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Mix MR33 with MR46 & WIFI6

We currently have over 150 staff connecting via 15 x MR33's successfully, we intend to open another floor that will have around 100 staff and we are looking at purchasing MR46's as these are only available to us due to supply.

I have read that we are able to run a mixed network, are there any procedures I need to bear in mind, level of firmware needed?

Currently we have in place

1 x MX100 running 15.44 - upgrade is planned to go to 16.16.2

15 x MR33's running 28.6.1


We will purchase new MS210 switches that will/should have 14.33.1 loaded.


Any assistance on what I need to be aware of and firmware I need to run across both floors will be greatly welcomed




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Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

The minimum firmware for MR46's is 26.7 so they should be able to slot straight into your existing networks



Regarding mixing AP models, it's technically possible but you're milage may vary in terms of potential issues, especially when using different generations (one supporting wifi 6 and one not).

Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

@IainP you should have no problems as you are separating the WiFi5 and WiFi6 APs.  If there is signal bleed between the floors that causes any issues, then you can disable the WiFi6 features on the MR46s.  However this is not likely to cause problems.


There are some devices that have problems with WiFi6 APs, the ones I know of are older Intel drivers that do not see WiFI6 APs at all (from memory about 4 years old+) and Realtek cards in Windows 11 devices.  The former is simple to fix by installing a newer driver, the latter might need a downgrade to Windows 10, or a swap to a different card. 

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