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Meraki MR42

Hi there.  We are trying to swap the network name on a Meraki MR42 to get sonos to work.  First off is that I have no idea what im doing and second the business has no idea about logins or passwords.  Anything I can do?

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Hi @corytoddav 


First off all you need a account at Dashboard to manage your Meraki gears.


Then you can check this to start with your new Network and find more about MR42 on


If you don't know which login is the admin at your organization, so you'll need to open a case with support to help you a find who is the owner off your gear.





Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

You'll need to find out who worked for the company at the time the kit was installed.  Then get their email address assigned to your email account as an alias, and then do a password reset.

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