Meraki BLE scanning - MQTT

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Meraki BLE scanning - MQTT



We are RTLS Company( Our RTLS platform supports Meraki MQTT for BLE based asset tracking.


We follow to enable BLE scanning and Configure MQTT endpoint.

We have successfully integrated for multiple customer and works fine.


One of our customer using MR36 and we have enabled BLE scanning and configured MQTT endpoint, but MR36 is not sending data to our broker.

-Able to ping MQTT URL from customer network.

-No firewall block.

-BLE Client are visible in  Wireless > Monitor > Bluetooth clients page


But MR36 is not sending BLE data in MQTT.


1.Please help us how troubleshoot?

2.Our customer location is US. Hope Meraki supports MQTT and BLE scanning feature world wide.?



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