MS licensing and Configuration

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MS licensing and Configuration

Hi Experts,


May I seek your help regarding Meraki AP licenses. Since my client got all of his license expired on AP and after renewing it organization access is not available on the dashboard. 


Any tips what we can do?

do I need to remove the AP and add it back again? 

Will the dashboard be able to save all the configuration after removing the devices?


apologies for so many questions. cant seem to find answers on previous topics.

Franco Ramos
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Hi Franco,


My client got all of his license expired on AP and after renewing it organization access is not available on the dashboard.

What do you mean by "Organization access is not available".


Do I need to remove the AP and add it back again?

If Organization access is not available. I guess it will not be possible to add / remove devices. You may only be able to update "License Information".


Will the dashboard be able to save all the configuration after removing the devices?

Dashboard will retain the configuration even if you remove APs.


One question though. I hope you have selected the "Renewal Option" while updating the Licenses.









thank you for the response and apologies for the confusion.

I was able to discover the main issue. My client has 1 MX and 7 MR devices. they renew the license for MX but did not do the same for MR so the dashboard is showing this notification at the top...

"This network has been disabled for non-payment. Please contact Meraki Sales for assistance."
Franco Ramos

For future reference. When renewing licenses, make sure you renew the whole organization at the same time and select renewal when adding the renewal licenses.


Renewal effectively resets the number of allowed devices per product group to the numbers you have in the renewal license you're adding. So if you only renew the MX, the number of MR is reset to 0.



Will this always pull through the correct SKU's Per prodoct for the full estate as well. 


IE.  10 x LIC-MS210-48LP-3YR, 5 x LIC-MX68W-ENT-3YR, 50 x LIC-ENT-3YR





Kind of a big deal

Hi @IanH ,


If you place an order for 10 x LIC-MS210-48LP-3YR, 5 x LIC-MX68W-ENT-3YR, 50 x LIC-ENT-3YR, you will get one license key representing all of that. If you select renewal when applying that license the "License Limit" column in the license information page will be set to those numbers (10 x MS210-48LP, 5 x MX68W and 50 x Wireless AP).


It's explained more in detail on this page:

Thanks, looking at the screen shots, it would suggest that i can then select the required "term" in years as well when getting the output for the final BOM?

Kind of a big deal

Not sure what you mean. The term is determined by the SKU you order.


Basically when you licenses are going to run out, you decide for how long you want to renew your Meraki gear, let's say three years. Then you take a look at the table and order the correct number of licenses for each product family. This number may be equal to the current "License limit" values, but it may very well be different too. Let's say you replaced older MS22's by MS225, then obviously you wouldn't buy new licenses for the MS22. In that case the "Current device count" may be more relevant, but then you need to keep in mind that any devices not yet installed in networks aren't counted yet.



This is fine, it was purely a question on the basis that the detail extracted from the system of the products you want to renew could be intelligent enough to extract the SKU for the 1 Year or 3 Year term. 


IE, you want to renew 10 - x MS120-48FP-HW.  You could extract the renewal requirement by Term.  IE, you'd extract a list with a SKU for CCW that would be LIC-MS120-48FP-3YR or LIC-MS120-48FP-5YR etc etc


It looks like from the detail it is by Product which is fine, however unsure what it looks like when it is an Advanced License from an MX point of view (even though the end user should know what they are running) i presume the dashboard highlights this well as suggested in the page you provided.




Kind of a big deal

The MX feature level is indeed shown on the licensing page:

2019-07-03 16_33_30-License information for Brecht Schamp's Organisation - Meraki Dashboard.png


Ah yes, an automatic BOM generator would be nice. I guess it would be pretty easy to write a script that leverages the API and generates a BOM.


GET /organizations/[id]/licenseState




curl -L -H 'X-Cisco-Meraki-API-Key: <key>' -X GET -H 'Content-Type: application/json' '[id]/licenseState'


Successful HTTP Status: 200
  "status": "OK",
  "expirationDate": "Nov 16, 2016 UTC",
  "licensedDeviceCounts": {
    "MS": 100

Great, thanks.


Agreed, it would be of benefit to have a BOM generator base on products within a customers estate.  I'm working on one now where its small, and hence failry simple, however for the multi site multi product end users, this would be of hugh benefit, extracting the EOS details and count ups for new kit would make life a bit easier.


Thanks for the clarification...



have you tried contacting Meraki Sales?


Yes, actually we've open up a ticket also... issue is resolve already.


@BrechtSchamp @IanH @AjitKumar Thank you so much guys for responding. this gives me a wider idea on licensing.

Franco Ramos
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