MR53E access points restarting every 11 minutes

Getting noticed

MR53E access points restarting every 11 minutes



I have a case logged at the moment as many of our MR53E access points with firmware 26.6 restart at around 11 minutes.


It affects around 9 of our 21 access points. 3 are unusable and the rest work fine while they are connected. A few may play up for a while and then the issue guess away.


On the Cisco switch I see the data drop and then comes back up. It also does the same on a Meraki switch.


I have tried changing the switch port configuration for power and also using different internet connections.


I was advised today that it may be a known bug.


Had anyone else come across this and have more detail about the bug?


Since the access points are high up in an arena it is difficult to get one down to assess them more.





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Getting noticed



Assuming my case is the same, I've also been seeing reboots on seemingly random RM42 APs. 


I do have an open case with tech support as they consider this to be a known issue but don't have many details other than this has been happening for me since at least firmware 25.13 but with less frequency on 26.6 it appears.  Doing a AP factory reset did not eliminate the issue for me.


The issue for me does not seem to be related to specific time duration on the AP, host switch, AP load, AP client count, etc and the reboots do not show in the Meraki Dashboard connectivity timeline.


Sorry, not much new info for you at this time.



I had similar issues with MR52's at one site. I can't say about 11 minutes though, but they were randomly rebooting throughout the day. 25.13

So at the time support had me upgrade to 26.1, same issues. It wasn't until I think 26.3 or 26.4 that it finally 'stabilized'. I'm on 26.6 now and they seem to be fine. No rhyme or reason which is really frustrating when these APs are in production in a busy office. Makes it very difficult.
Nolan Herring |

On our Cisco switches it is easy to see when the access points drop their data connection. Not so easy to see on a Meraki switch.

Also the Meraki dashboard doesn't show these drops against the access points.

Apart from 3 access points that are constantly down if I only checked the status of the access points on the Meraki dashboard it wouldn't be that noticeable.

I have 3 different behaviors of APs

- 3 access points that are offline most of the time and dropping network connection every 11 minutes
- 8 access points that only report occasional outages and dropping network connection every 11 minutes
- The rest of the access points that are okay

Occasionally the issue may clear for an AP but another may play up.

You really need monitor this issue from the switch to get a better idea of which access points have issues.
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