MR52 issues but no details to find.

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MR52 issues but no details to find.

We have about 17 units in our main office.

1 particular unit is having issues when attached.


Some traffic is working and other traffic is not.


The main WiFi SSID and the guest WiFi both experience issues.

e.g. cannot open YouTube or send sms pictures.


As soon as we move into range of another unit it works fine.


We are not blocking any traffic to YouTube on either SSID and I don't have this MR segregated into any policy.

The IP information is correct and validated.

The switch-port is on a Cisco 4510 blade switch. We have checked and no errors reporting.

We did move the connection to another blade/port on the switch just to check and nothing.


I don't see anything in the dashboard that shows an issue. I do see some traffic passing on all SSID's. Everything is green.



Thank you,




It seems like it gets stuck.


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Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

@Hardcoretech have you tried a hard reset on the AP (inserting a paperclip into the reset hole to press the button for 15 seconds)?

Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

And this AP and the others that work - are all in the same network in the dashboard?


Is the switch port that this AP plugs into identically configured to the switch port of another AP that works?

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