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I will be wall mounting four MR52 APs in a high school gymnasium and am looking for any recommendations for protective cages or enclosures.  I've been hesitant to go with a standard metal cage like would be typical for protecting clock, alarms, etc in a gym as I don't know what impact it would have on wireless.


Any thoughts or recommendations would be greatly appreciated.


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Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

I would go for a high impact ABS case.  You can often get them from electrical suppliers.

I have lots of K12 customers using metal protective cages in gymnasiums, pretty much without issue.  Without getting into all the theory of Faraday cages, the spacing of the bars of the cage compared to the wavelengths of 2.4 and 5 GHz signals... I'll just say that in theory, there's a small impact, and you're better off using a non-metal mesh cage for that purpose.  Although I've seen deployments with metal mesh cages work "just fine" (customer's description), there are better options.  


I'll message you privately, and cannot recommend one 3rd party vendor over another, but can share a couple of examples.  There are also certain registered Cisco solution partners who have tested and certified specific solutions with both Aironet and Meraki APs.  



We have a MR52 AP attached to the wall of a middle school gymnasium and are looking for a way to protect it from getting hit with basketballs, etc. Could you please share some examples of products that will meet the need?




Kind of a big deal

These should work based on compatibility list:

Nolan Herring |

@MerakiDave I am also interested in this information.  Could you post your examples to this thread or reach out to me over DM as well?


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@drewmca actually @NolanHerring already mentioned one of them (Acceltex) and I have seen other customers use options from Oberon and also Terrawave (Ventev) as well.  There could be others (I'm not intentionally leaving anyone out), but all of these options are preferred solution partners and part of the Cisco Developer Network or other solutions programs, so the products are tested/certified with Aironet & Meraki APs.  Hope that helps! 


Great suggestion, thank you!

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