MR33/MR42 vertical mount.

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MR33/MR42 vertical mount.



Looking at the datasheets for the MR33 and MR42, and by playing around with them in Ekahau, it seems they give similar coverage in both vertical and horizontal orientation.

Is this correct? 


My understanding is that most standard accesspoints are designed to be ceiling mounted, and will have reduced range if mounted on a wall. But in Ekahau I don't see any real difference if I flip it 90 degrees, and the documentation says they are "ceiling, and wall mount capable". 





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Getting noticed

I have tons mounted vertically. No problem at all.

Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

The MR33 and MR42 have a "near" sphere coverage circle.


Technically it is "slightly" better to roof mount them.  Practically it makes no difference.  I have done lots wall mounted and no one has complained.

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