MR32 (re)configuration issues

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MR32 (re)configuration issues

Hi all,


I'm having some issues with the reconfiguration of an MR32 AP.

I did a factory reset first + moved the device to a separate network


The AP is directly connected to the internet

Once my laptop is associated with the SSID ("meraki") I can access it through

(under Connection it states: This access point is successfully connected to the Cisco Meraki Cloud)


But.. in the Meraki dashboard it still shows up as offline + it's LAN IP, Public IP and Gateway still point to the previous configuration ? Am I missing something here? Any procedure I should follow to remove the old config?


Thanks for your help & feedback !

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Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

@3F-Nicolas : If a device is still in a network after being factory reset, it will redownload its previous configuration when it comes back online. This includes any previously assigned static ip addresses. If the configuration needs to be completely reset, make sure to remove the device from its network before resetting to factory defaults. 

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Hi @Inderdeep 

Thanks for pointing me in the right direction..


I removed the AP from the network; initiated a feactory reset, waited until the Meraki setup SSID appears and then added the AP to a (new) separated network (under the same organization) but still the same result: still receives the initial config


@3F-Nicolas : Hope you reset button and pressed for 30 seconds ?

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I did... unplugged the AP from the network, pushed the reset button for 30 seconds, waited another minute to reconnect to the network and then added the AP to the network, same result

@3F-Nicolas : Did you open a support ticket on this, Meanwhile let me check in my circle if anybody encountered the same issue 

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@Inderdeep Yes I did open a support ticket and awaiting feedback ! 

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