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Location Analytics Tuning

I am interested in 'tuning' location analytics to better ignore neighboring WLAN clients and have more accurate results for visitors.  Ideally, I would like to be able to adjust the SNR thresholds that define 'visitor' or 'passerby', but until then, I would like to make sure I understand how the system actually works on a technical level.  For example, if I adjust the minimum data rate for the 802.11b/g radio to 54mbps (on a dual radio AP), will the AP analytics ignore probe requests sent below that data rate, or will probes sent at perhaps, 1mbps still be registered as a passerby if within the RSSI threshold?  It seems to me that the transmit power of the client device is the determining factor here, since lowering the AP power to 1dbm will not stop it from 'hearing' a passing client that transmits at say 14dbm.  Not interested in external antennas with attenuators, etc... Am I missing anything here?  Lastly, is RX-SOP an appropriate tool to deal with this?  I was hoping there were other avenues.

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Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

If you are using the inbuilt reporting - there is nothing you can tune.  This document was very detailed information about the RSSI levels and the like used:



Alas you would need to use a third party system if you want something that is tuneable.

Thanks Philip, I reviewed that document before posting but it still left some questions unanswered.  


1. Have you seen any best practices from Meraki regarding access point placement for traffic counting?  Would you want to minimize any signal bleed into neighboring areas to avoid flagging everyone as a 'visitor?'  This seems like it would be especially problematic on the 2.4 radio as the network coverage area would be quite large at the listed threshold.


2.  In the document referenced, the RSSI threshold mentioned is 10 / 15 (passerby/visitor), I assume that is SNR like in the dashboard instead of a dBM value, does that seem correct?


3.  (from my original question) does the mandatory data rate or RX-SOP affect the analytics?


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