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Event log

Is there a way to view more than 30 rows of event log in Meraki? (Network-wide / Event Log) or download all the event logs between two dates? 

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You might have to automate/script that. You can use API calls to grab events between two dates. Haven't personally used that call, but it should do the trick. You can send the information returned to a json parser, and output it as a CSV relatively easily.



Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

Not from the GUI.  You would have to download each page separately, or use the API as @Andrewbluepiano  suggested. 

Here you go! You can use the following open source code to pull all the events from the Dashboard API:




Note that Meraki made a new more functional version of the API docs:



@PhilipDAth  and @Andrewbluepiano are both correct as well.


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Would just like to "bump" this. Because its really annoying for some customers, who do not have API knowledge, that they cannot just download "all" , or for a given time, only the 30 lines.

I mean, all the data is there, its just an UI change that should be fairly easy for Meraki to do.

So its kind of crappy atm.

I wish .... I guess.... 

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