Different licenses for MR accesspoints?

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Different licenses for MR accesspoints?


on the Meraki website I found that there are two different licenses for the accesspoints.



Is that new? I never noticed that before.

How can I find out which license I bought with all my old accesspoints?

Can I mix the licenses, f.e. in different locations/networks? 



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there is a new one...the advanced wich includes an Umbrella Security license.

In the license inventory the license will show different.


further infos...check out this



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@redsector  definitely  the licenses you bought are enterprise licenses you can check that in your organization license info 

the new license the advance MR license and upgrade license  comes with slight extra capabilities such as umbrella integration 


but you need to notice the difference between the two new licenses because one that is  MR advance is applied to a new access point while the MR upgrade is applied to an existing enterprise that you bought 


also note that this licenses support the per device licenses not cor-termination 

kindly go through the documentation keenly 




Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

@redsector  it is only available for per device licensing and has to be applied to a complete network within an organisation.

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