Bridge Mode AP to AP to Meraki Switch


Bridge Mode AP to AP to Meraki Switch

I'm trying to use two MR53e Access Points in Bridge mode to continue my network to a part of the building I can't run cable to.


The plan was to have MR53(a) connected to my Switch(a) broadcasting BridgeSSID. Then have my Other MR53(b) connected to Switch(b) in the uplink port with BridgeSSID as a Trunk to get all my VLANS on Switch(b).  Since MR53's have two ports, I was planning on using 1 port for the poe and the other for the network connection. 


Will this work?




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Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

You would normally power the MR53 via the switch.  If you can't do that you should use a power injector or a power cube.


Refer to this design guide, especially the Ethernet bridging section.

Kind of a big deal

Sadly this won't work.  You can only bridge a single VLAN with MR's.  


The good news is there are plenty of capable bridges out there to choose from for as low as $100 for a pair.

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