Apple Splash Page Popup (CNA)

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Apple Splash Page Popup (CNA)

Hello Together,


i am having big issues with my Custom Splash Page. The Splash page works and the Popup also appears on most devices. But not on Apple devices. I was troubleshooting a lot. But i did not found any solution that helped me out with this. 

I allready know that the feature is called CNA. The behaviour is not clear and the documentation is not available from apple how to bring this to work. 

What i am wondering and curios about is. When i use the Offical Meraki themes and even if i take a Official theme and do a redirect in it like this


//<!DOCTYPE html>
//<meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=UTF-8">

//<meta http-equiv="refresh" content="0; url=https://my.splashpageURL">


the splah page shows up but obviously with the last option (redirect) i don't get the needed informations to do a proper authorization. But my problem is more that the Page is not showed if i use Custom splash URL. 


Does anyone facing the same issues? From my understanding the mechanism behind the Official Themes, Custom themes and Custom splash URL should be exactly the same. But for me it looks like the Internal splash pages work different than when i do a redirect


The Meraki support can not help me with this they told me that this issue could happen but they don't have a solution for this. They also could not do a statement if there is a different behaviour in the background of these two options.


I would be glad if anyone had the same issues and found a solution for this.


Thanks everyone


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Getting noticed

Did you put your custom splash URL in the walled garden?

Sidney Burks
Captive Portal and Meraki API Automation
Founder and CTO, Boundless Digital

yes i did. If i don't do it the page is not accessible. 

Head in the Cloud

Yes, I have got the same issue on Apple iPhones. It´s working well with andoid phones.

The Meraki splashpage doesn´t appeary reliable on Apple devices.

It´s most time the browser-cache:

When you try to open an new web-page (you never used before) the splashpage appears.

Or deleting the browser history cache.




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