CSR issue

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CSR issue

Hi everyone.


We are wanting to get the AnyConnect client working with Azure and the MX100 using certs and I have read through the posts here regarding that topic and found that no one has it working. I am more curious at this time as to why SAML is even a thought in the platform yet being able to download the private key file is not permitted. That limitation takes what is a good platform and turns it to something lesser than.


I opened a ticket with Meraki support regarding what is needed to make this operational but alas, it went nowhere. I have done the exact same process with Cisco ASAs in my previous employment, and it really was not that difficult to have it up and running in no time.


If there is a way that anyone knows of to get this working with Azure so we are really using SAML sign on as it is intended to be used, please let me know.




Meraki Employee
Meraki Employee

Is this question specific to Cisco+ Secure Connect or are you asking about other products/deployments? This community is focused only on Cisco+ Secure Connect, we do not have the knowledge to help with other products/deployments. 

Hi Gary.
As Cisco owns Meraki, my answer is yes to Cisco + Secure Connect. 

Cisco+ Secure Connect is a specific solution; it should not be read as Cisco and...

My question is what components are you trying to use? I see MX100 and Azure but no mention of Secure Connect the product.If you are asking creating a tunnel between Azure and a MX100 you will find better results in the MX community. AnyConnect to MX100 also better in the MX community.


I'm not sure your reply is helpful. Thanks.

Meraki Employee
Meraki Employee

Sorry if I was not clear. What pieces are your trying to connect together is what I am trying to understand. Your original post mentions AnyConnect (client VPN), Azure, CSR (Cloud Services Router), and MX100. Where are you trying to terminate a VPN session and how do you want to authenticate?

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