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Systems Manager - Security Policies

Hey All


I have been handed over doing the Meraki MDM systems manager from an employee that is no longer with us, so I am trying to figure out some of things the person setup and why.


Right now there is only one Security Policy in place to say all devices require a passcode my issue is we have several android tablets that I want to run in Kiosk mode that I don't want to have a passcode needing to entered by our Patron's I just want the device to launch Meraki Kiosk when they turn on the device. 


How can I set it so that my Kiosk tablets will still be considered compliant without a passcode. I dont want to turn off this policy too because it is used for our Mobile devices.



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Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

You could just use tags: 


Or you could create a second Systems Manager network and move the kiosk devices into that, so that have their own separate config.

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