Meraki IOT Device statistic data API


Meraki IOT Device statistic data API



New to the Meraki API, it is able to pull out the IOT devices like MV12 (camera) and MT11 (sensor) statistic data using Meraki API? I can only get something like this. And some how I can only found camera device, the other devices can't be found. hope to get some info about this. Thank you. 

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Meraki Employee
Meraki Employee

There are a number of other endpoints relating to MV cameras - have a look here:!get-device-camera-analytics-live    (look under Camera > monitor and > Configure on the Left Hand Side.)   You should find this page really useful for reviewing (and trying) available API endpoints across the whole Meraki portfolio, too.   Note;  I'd suggest switching fully to v1 endpoints;   v0 has been deprecated for over a year and is scheduled to sunset in about a month's time.

There are a number of calls also available for MT sensors, but they are currently beta, I believe and you would need to apply via your Meraki account team to have this enabled in the required dashboard.

I would also recommend that you look into the capabilities available through the MV Sense license (which you can try via free licences included with your cameras) and MQTT more generally:!mv-sense-overview

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