[Bug] : Cloning Network Settings with Configuration Sync

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[Bug] : Cloning Network Settings with Configuration Sync

Hello All,


2 Bugs here for us regarding Configuration Sync

Documentation : https://documentation.meraki.com/zGeneral_Administration/Organizations_and_Networks/Cloning_Networks...



For us :


With a new network with option "Default Meraki configuration" (Blank)


Does not work (copy) for  :

- SSIDs with Systems Manager Sentry Wi-Fi security enabled - clicking on copy will stay as different

- Other Settings 


Interesting is that if we create a new network but with option "Clone from existing network"


- Other Settings will copied and green in Configuration Sync


Does not work (copy) for  :

- SSIDs with Systems Manager Sentry Wi-Fi security enabled - clicking on copy will stay as different





Screen Shot 2018-08-18 at 13.47.16.png








Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

I'm going to go a step further and say the whole "Configuration Sync" needs to be overhauled.


It came from the days when combined networks did not exist.  If you had three types of kit such as MR, MX and MS they all had to go into seperate networks (and the Meraki mobile app still maintains this concept).


Using configuration sync from one wifi network to another worked just fine.


Then came long combined networks. Configuration sync was not updated to support these.  And you mention there is also an issue with Systems Manager style networks.


Because 99.99% of all networks created now are combined networks - configuration sync is now unusable.

+1 and if you can schedule sync it’s would be event better .


The sync configuration review is on the Roadmap ?

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Answer from the support (case 02903474)


“The reason why you get an error while you try to sync your  Corporate to a SSID in a different network is because under that SSID you have enabled Systems Manager Sentry Wi-Fi Security which does not allow the sync. If you disable the this feature and try to sync the SSIDs I believe you should be able to successfully sync the configurations on the network. Let me know if you have any furthur questions.”


This is NOT a proper answer because it simply do not solve our problems.


We shouldn’t have to disable anything for it to work .


Configuration sync is also NOT working properly with other settings, I am wondering what should I disable for it to work.


For memory “other settings” are well copied from a copy of Network and are not able to sync using “configuration sync” with a network created from scratch .


I would be very happy if a PM can answer and help to resolve / review / improve the “configuration sync” functions.


Thank you 



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