Episode 32: An academic year like no other

Meraki Alumni (Retired)

One of the sectors to have suffered greatly in 2020 is unquestionably education. For students, faculty and staff alike, it's been an extremely trying time that has highlighted challenges with the use of technology for online learning, particularly in terms of access and, for those contemplating some form of in-person learning, safety. We are joined by two IT leaders from two large scale State Universities, for a discussion about their experiences and how they're looking ahead to the new academic year.



Excellent information regarding academic opportunities with Meraki.

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i would like to see more companies adopting to this norm. I am glad Cisco Meraki is paving the way for everyone involved! keep it up!

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Quite an insanely insightful discussion going on. Digitization is indeed a process of continous improvement that needs to be handled well for every arm of business to pivot successfully.


I liked how Meraki technology can provide better engagement through Digital Transformation for higher education and the way students learn and consume technology differs and changes frequently with the students ie: sharing videos.  

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I am trying to move everything to cloud-based services. It is nice to know that this is and will be the new norm for the future.


I like that Meraki is able to adapt to use cases for the needs of the students. 


Almost all industries have gone through an acceleration with respect to digital transformation due to the Pandemic. Education is no exception!... excellent vibe from the guests.. 


Thanks excellent podcast 

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Fantastic to hear Nick talk about applying the same principles of moving staff working from office to home to students studying from home - hasn't been so smooth for everyone here, glad to hear it was successful for you!

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We haven't test the Meraki on the Education sector and hearing feature sets of meraki from the meraki team ahh i loved to get involvement in education sector.


Yeah, í Just download and listen to night, tks 

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I always listen to Meraki Unboxed commuting to work (looong roadtrip).. 

This morning it was "The academic.." .. 
Very interesting indeed .. 

Lesson learned: Cisco DNA Spaces to be investigated for congregation overview !! Great service to provide.. 


Looking forward to enjoying more Unboxed .. 


Maybe there will be a "Nerd" track or "Tricks and Trades" track ?


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Very interesting podcast, good to know as I deal with a lot of educational establishments.

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Good vision. New methods for new times. Interesting podcast.

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Whoever imagined the year 2020 will turn out the way it has? 


Most plans have been disrupted.


We really need to get new visions in these trying times.


Well done Guys👍

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I think that the flexibility of Meraki regarding education and even ore during this unprecedent year is the best soluton in terms of easy of installation, management. Regarding education market the thing that if feel that Meraki needs to improve is the captive portal based on their needs to respond to multiple conventions and events during the school calendar year.


Exceptional session!


We work with both schools, municipalities and community service centers.  Several of the benefits to using Cisco Meraki could be very valuable to our clients.


We are going to do a deep dive on DNA Spaces, also.  And the use of the cameras to help with engagement and communication  - not the average take-aways from a 38 minute podcast.


Choice of guests, both Nick and Shi (sic?) did a great job showing how the services can help students engage more effectively with the technology and how the technology ultimately can help change behavior in a positive manner.


Strong Kudo to everyone involved in this session!


Great podcast