Episode 31: IT for a newly remote workforce

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Back in March, the whole team at Cisco, like so many companies around the world, migrated to working from home in response to the pandemic. It's been a turbulent time for everyone, in so many ways. What's vital for businesses everywhere is ongoing productivity, and IT is at the heart of it all in this new reality. For this episode we welcome back Ryan Ansley, our Head of IT at Meraki who joined us to share his career story in Episode 19. This time we're talking about how his team has adapted to the sudden shock back in March, both on a technical and human level.


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Excellent insight!  Our team can relate 100%.  Working at a Casino was demanding before, but having to mass deploy teleworking options so we could avoid furloughing/terminating team members was a doozy.  But, like you mentioned with your team, we were able to adapt pretty quickly. Mission accomplished!


Great conversation. Thanks for sharing.

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what are the equivalent solution to Aruba 303H wireless AP for remote offices? 

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Very realistic discussion! During the past several months surviving through the COVID-19 epidemic, there has been a high demand/surge in VPN/SD-WAN (along with high internet bandwidth) deployments that support remote work force. My company and clients have done well with coping with the remote workforce by offering VPN to all the employees and Meraki has been a part of many customer POC's. We also did implement Webex Teams to facilitate meetings for us as well for clients. Go Meraki!


Thanks great content


It's amazing how Meraki adapted with a slew of MX additions, load balancing and getting a large workforce working remotely. Auto VPN with no dispatch etc. are some of the amazing features where Meraki shines. Great job by the global service desk team.

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this is very important Episode, i like it

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Awesome content, we were hit a little unprepared as most for the telework paradigm shift and upgrading our Meraki hardware has been crucial in response

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Thanks for sharing what Meraki is doing to adapt to our new environment.  It drives cloud "everything".

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Thank you for this podcast session. 👍


All IT teams need to be on top of their game especially in the age of digital transformation and the new normal of remote working.

Sometimes, we need to take breaks, but most times users keep us on our toes.


Meraki Technology is great.

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Yea this is necessary now every enterprise is adapting Work from home scenario and convincing them with these podcast.

Thanks for the information Ryan Ansley

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Great Session.

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Excellent discussion and so appropriate with the work environment that we are all experiencing these days.

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Very insightful. We all had to be quite creative when things started, and now the problems are morphing a bit as these band aids become permanent. 


Great topic, thanks!

The vMX100 really saved our bacon in rapidly rolling out VDI access in the beginning of our Covid response. 

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Thanks for the feedback everyone, glad to hear you enjoyed the episode! 

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