Episode 15: Introducing the Cisco Meraki Cellular Gateway

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This week we are in discussion with Imran Idrees from Meraki Product Marketing, talking about our latest product line, the Cisco Meraki Cellular Gateway, that seamlessly transposes a wireless cellular signal to wired Ethernet for primary or failover connectivity. With the Cellular Gateway there's no longer any concern about cellular signal reach into a building, and Imran helps us understand the use cases where it will make a real difference.


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I like this technology being either an alternative solution to MPLS or an additional option.  In some of our remote sites, it's every expensive to get an ISP circuit installed; handcuffing me to a single path.  The good thing is, no matter how remote these sites are, most of them still have cellular signal.  The Cellular capable MX appliances are exactly what we need to give the option to either alt-route traffic or load balance over both using SDWAN.  Fantastic solution for our very remote locations.


Excellent info about the MG for cellular WAN.


Good option for MPLS connectivity😎

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Very Interesting! 

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I enjoyed listening to this episode as it gave some insight as to a cellular roadmap for Meraki and what we can expect from these MG devices in the future. Right now my organization uses Cradlepoint LTE devices but this podcast may have convinced us to switch so that we can get all our cellular needs met and keep everything in a single pane of glass view. 

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