Episode 111: Unlock Your Mobile Superpowers With the Meraki App

Meraki Employee

With the Meraki mobile app, you get everything you need for IT and network operations wherever you are. You can quickly access devices, identify problems, and easily navigate between networks and organizations.  


Tune in to learn more about the mobile app and hear which features exist today, which ones are coming soon, and more.  


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Tanner Yehlik, Technical Marketing Engineer, Meraki Product Management, Cisco    
Cameron Moody, Engineering Product Manager, Cisco Meraki  

Kind of a big deal

Great podcast, I am a massive fan of the app, I use daily at both work and at home.


It's great to be able to make network configuration changes on the go as mentioned, that is my biggest use at work. For home I use it mostly for MV access. 


It would be great if packet captures could be started via the app and the results emailed with the attached pcap file


Guest wifi generation would also be useful as that is something I am often asked when I don't have my laptop on me. 

Kind of a big deal


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