Episode 105: Meraki Switching: Effective Port Management at Scale

Meraki Employee

Effective port management is crucial for optimal and secure network operations, but it can be complex and difficult to scale across sites. Does port management have to be a headache? Absolutely not. 


In this episode, Cisco Champions and Meraki switching experts will dive into best practices for managing switch ports at scale. We’ll explore the potential business outcomes that can be achieved by leveraging Meraki switching capabilities, such as zero-touch provisioning, port profiles*, and scalable management through integrations, templates, and APIs—all of which are delivered through a user-friendly approach.  

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Port Profile Announcement

Product page 

Cisco Champion Hosts 

Deirra Footman, Network Engineer, Network to Cloud

Pat Allen, Senior Network Engineer, Customers Bank  

Paul Campbell, CEO and Founder, Quaversal


Tony Carmichael, Director, Product Management, Cisco Meraki 

Digvijay Bora, Senior Technical Marketing Engineer, Cisco Meraki 

Amilee San Juan, Cisco Champion Program, Cisco

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