New rack, new switches, new cabling

New rack, new switches, new cabling

Isn´t that beautiful😍:



4* MS225-48LP, stacked, 2*10 Gig cross-stack aggregated

Kind of a big deal

Very nice! Well done/

Building a reputation

I saw this at some installations, that all patchpanel ports are patched, but only a few of them are used (<=70%).

How did you handle this? Are all ports patched to an active end device?

Building a reputation

that is pretty nice, yeah, having the luxary to connect every patch port is nice and then you don't have to go onsite to to the cross connect. job well done

Head in the Cloud

@MK2You are right, I always have to jump and patch. But this project is different: this time I got enough money to patch everything. So I never have to sit in the car and got to patch when they move around.