Unknown MAC addresses on client list

Getting noticed

Unknown MAC addresses on client list

Please help on identifying what are this mac addresses and why they re appearing on my client list, they appear every day and having difficulties identifying them 

thank you




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Meraki Employee
Meraki Employee

Hey eLvs,


I'd suggest to try tracking them down by looking at the mac address table and see if you can identify them physically.

Alternatively, if you are using an MX, the ARP table may give you an idea of the IP address, which hopefully you'll be able to recognise. 


Using an OUI Lookup The first one seems to be a printer, but there are a few of them that do not resolve on OUI Lookup. It is possible, if you have for example mobile phones in your environment, that the mac randomisation feature on the phone may be active and therefore generating a new mac address every time they connect. 


The evil path is for you to apply a blacklist group policy on the client, and then see who comes to complain 😜


Let us know how you get on!


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Getting noticed

thanks for helping, but checking on the clients they didn't obtain IP coming from meraki and i check them they are alot of then maybe 50- 100 we dont have that number since most of them are working from home. 
do you think this need urgent attention or some bug coming from meraki




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