Make a Wish: Client List IP Addresses as Hot Links

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Make a Wish: Client List IP Addresses as Hot Links

I would like to make a request to have the IP address in the client list be a hot link to open that IP in your web browser. Many times I find the device in the client list and then have to copy and paste the IP to a new tab. It would be extremely nice if the IP was a hot link and would allow you to click on it and open the device by the IP address. Thanks!

Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

That would only be useful if the client was running a web server, and I think that only represents a tiny number of clients for most clients.  And even then, would it be an http or https hyperlink?

@PhilipDAth Humm, Maybe on your network you don't have many, but we have thousands of devices with web interfaces now-a-days, copy machines, printers, switches, servers, appliances, firewalls, data collection devices, VMs, cameras, TVs, Back Up Systems, Web Server Farm, VoIP System, Data Center KVMs, iLO, iDRAC, PDUs, UPSs, etc. etc. etc. Most can use HTTP and they force HTTPS but nice to have the option of either or.

To second the OP, on my own network we have many devices that have web portals for accessing their admin settings, including our Grandstream GXP21xx series VoIP phones, our Canon copiers, and an eclectic mix of additional printers. Turning the IP addresses into clickable hot-links would be a valuable convenience both in terms of ease-of-use and in the reduction of potential user error (failing to copy the last or first digit, for instance).

David Carroll | I.T. Associate, SVBC
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Getting noticed

I agree that would be helpful to me. 

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