Is anyone else experiencing this? Unreachable devices detected

Kind of a big deal

Is anyone else experiencing this? Unreachable devices detected

This has been constantly happening but we don't have anything being blocked. Meraki tells me it could be path going to Meraki that can't be reached but I wanted to check if anyone else gets them on the usual. On the weekend or sometimes at night?


You are receiving this email because we are continually improving our systems, and new tests have determined that the Meraki cloud is having difficulty communicating with one or more of your devices. The firewall information page describes which IPs and ports you must whitelist in order for your devices to operate optimally.


Please check the firewall rules that these devices are behind:

See this page for more information on how you should configure your firewall:
Firewall Information

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I`ve been having issues registering MS to my Dashboard bc It cannot connect to the primary cluster and tried to connect to the secondary ussing NTP and I have permitted ntp ports and got connected!

Johnny Fernandez
Network & Security Engineer
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Yes, this is an annoying bug of some sort. Each evening between 6-7 EDT we get a list of anywhere from a few to a few dozen. Being going on for months.


My AP pages are almost universally littered with the pink box "The Cisco Meraki Cloud is having difficulty communicating with this device." ...and I can talk to and manipulate them just fine.

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