Cisco Champion Radio: S9|E33 Transform the Way You Deploy Your Network

Meraki Employee
Meraki Employee

Cisco Champion Radio: S9|E33 Transform the Way You Deploy Your Network

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As today’s IT leaders, you are living the reality of a changing world every day. To adapt, you must build new ways to work and conduct business. Modernizing your infrastructure is the first step, but true IT agility requires a smarter operational model.


Learn how Cisco delivers best-in-class technologies with powerful wireless platforms that are more automated, more intelligent, more secure, more flexible and more sustainable. We’ll demonstrate how you can help your IT team efficiently deliver the most resilient high performance network experiences that rapidly adapt to changing business needs.


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Ben Story ( RedEye Network Solutions, Sr. Network Security Engineer

Girard Kavelines ( Helient Systems, Managed Services Systems Analyst
Sam Clements ( Presidio, Engineering Director


Alex Burger, Cisco, Technical Marketing Leader, Meraki Product Management
Nicholas Swiatecki (, Cisco, Engineering Product Manager


Amilee San Juan (, Cisco, Customer Voices and Cisco Champion Program

Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

@AmileeSan1 : Thanks for the share !

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