Slow through put


Slow through put


I am on a 350 mbps internet connection I have connected the MX64 directly from the ISP Hub via CAT 6 cable then CAT 6 to the switch and then to the AP 

after speed tests i am only getting approx 50 mbps 

*My ISP HUB has an IP of 192.168.0.x but yet the MX64 DHCP ip is 192.168.128.x is it best to use the ISP HUB for DHCP or the MX64?

Hope someone can help


Thank you

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Hi Allistair,


Was this speed test done on a wireless client? If so, could be any number of issues such as distance from AP, interference etc.


Re DHCP-if I understand you correctly, you would want to run DHCP from the MX, you can then manage DHCP (reservations, exclusions fixed assignments etc) from the dashboard.


The MX may be NATing traffic also, so you would want to run DHCP from the MX for internal devices.

Kind of a big deal

If this is on wireless there are some factors you need to think about. Like channel width would increase your speed but give you less channels. Also what wireless card you have plays a role. Adjust some wireless settings to see if you can better your speed.


Hardwire and run the test. Also confirm if you have any sort of bandwidth limiting going on under SD-WAN & Traffic Shaping, or a Group Policy limiting a VLAN or client etc.
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If it's hard wired and you wan bandwith sliders are at the fll 250 mbit, maybe you have a duplex mismatch on wan side of the firewall

screen dumpscreen dump

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So the network looks like this

Internet ---- ISP Hub--- MX64 --- Switch --- AP

Is that correct?

It may be worth having a quick look at the uplink connectivity of the MX into the hub.

Security & SD-WAN > Appliance Status > Tools = Run a Throughput test (disregard the results)
Navigate to the Appliance Status > Uplink tab and watch for the packet flood on the uplink that should give a good degree of visibility of what the bearer cct can manage when flooded. Also check to see if you have lots of packet loss when you do this as well (duplex issues).

Is the ISP's hub just a modem or is it a router? May be worth checking to see if it's also running NAT or NO-NAT.

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