Large Network Deployment Questions


Large Network Deployment Questions

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First time posting here and I hope I'm in the right place to get some help, after listening to the podcasts I've decidied the people here will hopefully be able to help. As the subject states we will be deploying a rather large network in our enviroment soon and I'm just wondering if you had any tips or suggestions on the below setup.


Just to provide an overview of the network, the layout consists of 4 building linked together through fibre across 8 floors, each floor will have a direct fibre connection to the MS425 which will connect all the access switches and AP's. I'm just looking for feedback in regards to this setup, if their is any major design flaws in doing this through the below equipment or overhuall a better design layout or things to consider before going into this.


The current list of equipment we will be deploying is below;


MX250 x 2 in HA mode

MS425 x 1

MS120-48 x5

MS425-16 x 5

MR36 x8


I appericate any feedback

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Thank you, I will certainly take a look!
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