How to find peak bandwidth usage for WAN/ISP

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How to find peak bandwidth usage for WAN/ISP

We are full stack with switches, APs, and MX. I’ve already check with our ISP to see if they can send us stats or a report but sadly they cannot.


We’re trying to figure out if our upstream bandwidth is close to being saturated. We are looking into moving our phones to hosted VoIP.


Can this info be obtained with our Meraki dashboard?

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See here:
MX Uplink Settings - Cisco Meraki

The live data graph provides a real-time view of the uplink traffic that is passing through the MX to and from the uplink interface. The graph breaks down the total and download traffic into two separate, color-coded lines.

The Historical Data graph will give latency and loss statistics that can be used to determine your Internet circuits suitability for VoIP.

Further to that, you look into trialling Meraki Insight and using the VoIP Health monitoring features:
MI VoIP Health - Cisco Meraki

While we're talking about VoIP and you mentioned you're full stack, if you're thinking of VoIP over Wireless, read this:
Wireless VoIP QoS Best Practices - Cisco Meraki

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