The MT11 temperature probe sensor is now approved for EN12830!

We are excited to announce that the MT11 temperature probe sensor is now approved for EN12830!




What this is: 

EN12830 is a European Standard that specifies the technical and functional characteristics of temperature recorders for the storage and distribution of temperature-sensitive goods.


Having the EN12830 certification unlocks: 

  • Quality assurance: Receiving the EN12830 certification ensures that the device meets the technical specifications around temperature monitoring in the standard 
  • Measurement accuracy: Certified devices are designed to provide accurate temperature measurements that support cold chain use cases
  • Compliance with safety standards: Users and the environment are protected from potential hazards, as certified devices comply with safety standards  
  • Operational reliability: Certified devices operate reliably in various conditions, ensuring stable and accurate measurements
  • Compliance with legal requirements: The use of certified devices allows organizations to comply with legal requirements within their industry around temperature monitoring 


Who this is relevant for: 

MT11 could be useful for any organizations in Europe who must periodically check the temperature of their fridges or freezers. 


Departments at these organizations could include the below teams, who are responsible for protecting their organization’s temperature-sensitive goods: 

  • Operations
  • Quality control

A MT11 customer story: 

A food and beverage retailer based in the UK has 10 fridges in each store and needs to record the temperature of their fridges every 4 hours, which amounts to 3 measurements a day. Previously, they were spending up to 50 hours a quarter and 200 hours a year to manually check their fridges, which involved sending somebody to visit the store, viewing the temperature for each fridge, and noting the temperature down by pen on a paper log book.


With the MT11 temperature probe sensor, they are able to record the temperature of their fridges at a frequency better than their minimum requirement and view data remotely so that they do not have to send somebody physically into the stores every 4 hours. With this time saved, they are able to focus on improving the rest of their operations and ensuring that they remain a sought-after food shop for their customers.


About the MT11 temperature probe sensor:

Refrigeration is a critical process to prevent food spoilage and ensure compliance along the entire cold chain. Issues with refrigeration equipment can lead to wasted inventory, spread of food-borne illness, and costly downtime. 


MT11 is a temperature probe sensor that works with two probe types (glycol and bare metal) to support customers with refrigeration monitoring needs. MT11’s probes have a temperature range of -40°C to +55°C (-40°F to +131°F), with an accuracy ranging from +/- 0.5°C to +/- 2°C, depending on the temperature in the environment. 


Like the rest of our MT portfolio, MT11 connects seamlessly to the Meraki dashboard via BLE connection to a gateway (Meraki MV or MR). 


The certificate of compliance:



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