Support for Terminal Doppler Weather Radar channels

With this update, you can now select channels 116-132 for manual channel assignment or include channels 116-132 in radio profiles for automatic assignment on specific access points, listed below. Default indoor and outdoor radio profiles, as well as existing customer network configurations and channel configurations, are unchanged. 


Some background on TDWR:


Terminal Doppler Weather Radar (TDWR) “is a Doppler weather radar system used primarily for the detection of hazardous wind shear conditions, precipitation, and winds aloft on and near major airports situated in climates with great exposure to thunderstorms in the United States.” 


The FCC ruling is re-opening the Terminal Doppler Weather Radar (TDWR) band (channels 120, 124, 128) with new test requirements for DFS protection.


Now that these DFS requirements are satisfied, we can offer these channels for use. Please note that channels 116 and 132, which were previously only available via NFO, have also been made generally available. 


Not all access points support these new channels. The full list of compatible access points is:


  • CW9162I-MR
  • CW9164I-MR
  • CW9166I-MR
  • GR10
  • GR12
  • GR60
  • GR62
  • MR20
  • MR28
  • MR32
  • MR36
  • MR36H
  • MR42
  • MR42E
  • MR44
  • MR45 
  • MR46
  • MR46E
  • MR52
  • MR53
  • MR53E
  • MR55 
  • MR56
  • MR57
  • MR70
  • MR72
  • MR74
  • MR76
  • MR78
  • MR84
  • MR86