Python library/SDK revamped & updated

Meraki Dashboard API Python Library


This library's goal is to refresh and supplant the legacy module (this repository versions 0.34 and prior) as well as the now-deprecated SDK. Here are some of the features in this revamped library:

  • Support for all API endpoints, as it uses the OpenAPI specification to generate source code
  • Log all API requests made to a local file as well as on-screen console
  • Automatic retries upon 429 rate limit errors, using the Retry-After field within response headers
  • Get all (or a specified number of) pages of data with built-in pagination control
  • Tweak settings such as the default base URL (for example, to use with V1 and/or mega-proxy)
  • Simulate POST/PUT/DELETE calls to preview first, so that network configuration does not get changed
  • Includes the legacy module's functions for backward compatibility