Introducing: The MT15 Indoor Air Quality with CO2 Sensor

The MT15 Indoor Air Quality with CO2 Sensor is here!


What it is: 

MT15 is our highest performing air quality sensor, offering carbon dioxide monitoring for student and employee productivity. 


The MT15 features: 

  • Real CO2, TVOC, PM2.5, temperature, humidity, and ambient noise sensing
  • LED visual indicator to provide information about the air quality to the people in the room
  • Flexible power options, including both a USB-C and PoE port on the device, which are positioned so that cables can be hidden


MT15 is on dashboard and the mobile app, and offers charts with customizable time ranges for each air quality metric.


Meraki Dashboard:


Oct-17-2023 10-34-28.gif

Mobile app:




When to use it: 

It is important to ensure healthy air quality levels everywhere, but especially in schools and workplaces where students and employees spend a large majority of their time performing activities that require cognitive effort.


MT15s can be installed in spaces where people tend to gather, such as: 

  • School classrooms, libraries, gyms, theaters, cafeterias
  • Office space conference rooms, phone rooms, and kitchens


Learn more about MT15:


View MT15 data on Cisco Spaces:




If you seek additional ways to analyze air quality data, you can view MT15 data through Cisco Spaces, which visualizes air quality data on a room-by-room or floor-by-floor basis. 


For facilities managers / IT: MT15 data can be seen on Spaces Manager and Environmental Analytics, to enable them to zoom into areas that require attention.








For employees: MT15 data can be seen on Digital Signage, which is a dashboard that can be displayed on a screen to employees to assure them of the quality of air in the space.






MT15 has a list price of $699 and is orderable today! Fill out your information here to start a trial.