Global Overview Public Beta Live

Global Overview public beta is live and accessible to all customers as part of our Next Generation Dashboard initiative. This was built for customers that have more than one organization and has new features based on the feedback we have received from many of our customers.


With Global Overview, you can see the general health of all your organizations on one page as well as the current status of different devices and licenses for each organization. This provides an easy way to see what needs attention now and what might need attention in the near future. Users can add new organizations seamlessly, either net new or by cloning an existing organization. Users can also capture this information by exporting onto a CSV file for further action.


This is another example of how Meraki helps you do more in less time to keep your enterprise running optimally. 


Names upated 9-15-22.png


Including in the release are :


Actionable Hyperlinks
- Cross links to other pages
- License status

Added Features
- Unused License column
- Export to CSV
- More Status Filters

Usability Improvements
- Distinguished icons
- Device status
- Improved user flow to add organization


How to opt in


The Global Overview can be accessed from the MSP Portal page.  When navigating to the MSP Portal for the first time there is a popup that asks if you want to try the new Global Overview.  After this popup has been dismissed, you can click on "view new version" to try the Global Overview at any time.


How to provide feedback


We really care about your feedback, and have implemented the get feedback tool on the Global Overview.  There is a tab on the right hand side of the screen that says “Beta Feedback” this can be used to provide feedback as shown below.











The beta feedback tag can be found on the right side of the screen. 

Users will be prompted to provide either generic feedback, or specific feedback.

If specific feedback is selected, the user can then highlight the exact part of the page they wish to provide feedback on. 


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