[Early Orderability] Catalyst 9300-M - Simply Powerful.

Introducing Catalyst 9300-M! 


The Catalyst 9300-M Network Switch unifies the world's most powerful switching hardware with the cloud simplicity of the Meraki experience, helping you unleash operational efficiency from day 0 to day n. With the true Meraki zero-touch provisioning experience you know and love, large-scale deployments can be completed in minutes, saving time and cost without a dedicated on-site IT staff.

Cataylst Meraki 9300.png

With a wide range of mGig speeds, high redundancy designs, 60W UPOE options, and Adaptive Policy, these switches are ideal for large campuses and many other use cases to securely power and connect the latest Wi-Fi and IoT devices.



  • Modular uplinks: Hot-swappable uplink modules for flexible hardware upgrades and easier management.
  • Wide range of mGig speed options: PoE on all 24/48 ports along with SFP and mGig. 
  • Adaptive policy: Micro-segmentation of users, devices, and applications to simplify security and access policies.
  • 60W UPoE density options: Power your smart space needs with UPOE and IEEE 802.3bt support.
  • StackPower: Create additional power capacity by pooling sources to power more PoE devices.
  • Improved physical stacking: Up to 480 Gbps to provide more throughput for Wi-Fi 6 and IoT and higher network resilience.
  • Read the datasheet for more technical details. 


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