Colorblind Assist Mode Now Available Across the Dashboard to Enhance Usability

When you log into the Meraki dashboard, you’ll now have the option to turn on colorblind assist mode across the entire dashboard. In this mode, green, yellow and red have been replaced with blue, orange and a new hue of red. 


In our research and testing, customers said using blue instead of green made it easier to see that the status of their networks were “good” at a glance. Orange was created to make it easier to see devices that need attention, versus light yellow, while keeping it as different from red as possible. There are some minor changes to text and user interface colors as well to improve readability. 


Screenshot 2023-12-04 at 2.51.59 PM.png


The color changes make it easier for customers that are color blind or have low vision issues, but also are helpful for customers working in low light situations. 


What are the benefits?


  • Easier to see the status of networks at a glance
  • Easier to quickly see devices that need attention
  • Better in low light situations
  • Easier for color blind customers to see the difference between status colors


When will I see a change?


This feature is available now! Just go to your profile and enable “Colorblind assist mode”.  


We made the change based on feedback from you, our customers. Thank you! We always welcome constructive feedback as it helps make the dashboard a better experience for everyone.