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Course Information


How can I enroll in ECMS2 training?

You can enroll through Cisco Learning Partners via the Cisco Learning Locator, or Cisco Learning Network Store.


What topics are covered in ECMS2?

You can find more details on the course content here.


How long is an ECMS2 session? 

The eLearning ECMS2 course is accessible for 180 days after registration.


I’m a Cisco Meraki partner - will I learn how to position Meraki products in an ECMS2 session? 

ECMS2 is an advanced technical training course that teaches attendees how to plan, design, implement, and operate Cisco Meraki solutions. You can explore Meraki sales-focused trainings, such as CMNA and Meraki FIT.



Eligibility and Registration


What are the eligibility requirements?

ECMS2 sessions are open to all audiences interested in learning to extend their knowledge on the planning, design, implementation, and operation of Cisco Meraki solutions as well as those who are interested in preparing for the Cisco Meraki Solutions Specialist certification.


Before taking the ECMS2 course, it is highly recommended that attendees:


  • Have taken ECMS1, or possess equivalent Meraki knowledge and experience (see questions below)
  • Have CCNA or equivalent networking knowledge and experience (see questions below)


Do I need to take and pass ECMS1 course before enrolling in ECMS2?

Completing the ECMS1 course is not a requirement to attend ECMS2. However, in order to have the best learning experience in an ECMS2 session, attendees should have sufficient Meraki knowledge and experiences equivalent to the level achieved from completing the ECMS1 course.


What does “ECMS1 equivalent Meraki knowledge and experience” mean?

To successfully participate in an ECMS2 session, attendees must have attended ECMS1 or possess equivalent Meraki knowledge and experience. Attendees should:


  • Be able to describe the security, reliability, and scalability of the Dashboard cloud architecture and it's out-of-band control plane
  • Have a fundamental understanding of Dashboard's organizational structure, delineation of privileges, and overarching administrative processes 
  • Be able to outline the key components of Meraki licensing (co-termination model and expiration grace period)
  • Have the knowledge and ability to deploy advanced security features on MX security appliances (intrusion detection/prevention, Advanced Malware Protection (AMP), layer 3 & 7 firewall rules)
  • Fundamental understanding of Auto VPN and its purpose when utilized in an SD-WAN deployment
  • Be experienced at navigating, configuring, and applying configurations to MS switches through the virtual stack interface in Dashboard 
  • Be able to describe the concepts behind a cloud-based WLAN solution and the features that can be delivered including layer 7 traffic shaping and various guest access authentication methods
  • Have fundamental understanding of device profile containerization and remote management capabilities as managed through the Systems Manager platform
  • Have fundamental understanding of the edge architecture as implemented by MV security cameras and its implications on video retention through various configurable options 
  • Be able to effectively leverage the live tools and monitoring capabilities of the Meraki Dashboard when troubleshooting device or application performance issues


What does “CCNA or equivalent” mean?

The ECMS2 course is designed with an expectation that participants have a moderate to advanced-level knowledge of computer networking. This prerequisite enables our instructors to present topics and discuss products, features, and demo configuration of Cisco Meraki devices effectively with participants. We do not require proof of an active or expired Cisco CCNA certification prior to enrolling in ECMS2. However, we highly recommend that participants come prepared with CCNA-level knowledge or on-the-job training to have the best experience while going through the course.


I don't see any available ECMS2 sessions in my region on the Cisco Learning Locator site - how do I register for a session?

Learning Partners add ECMS2 sessions to the schedule on a rolling basis. We recommend checking the Cisco Learning Locator site to see if new sessions have been added.





Will I get a certification for attending ECMS2? 

The ECMS1 and ECMS2 courses do not come with a certification as they are meant to prepare individuals to pass the Cisco Meraki Solutions Specialist certification


When will the Meraki certification be available?

The Cisco Meraki Solutions Specialist certification is available now. You can find more information about the certification here.



Last Updated: May 2024

Program summary

Learn from Cisco Learning Partners or at your own pace in this technical design and advanced operator training course.

  • For network engineers, architects, and administrators
  • Advanced level
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