Introducing myself to the Meraki Community

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Introducing myself to the Meraki Community

Hi all,

My name is Alberto, i'm from Spain and i just want to introduce myself to this Community so we can help each  others and improve our skills.

I've been working with Meraki since 2015 aprox, but just with MR products. In 2019 my company started a new project with MX and I only had the oportunity to play with MS and MV in the CMNA training. Hope some day could have one of each on my hands 🙂


So, thank you all, see you…

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Meraki Employee
Meraki Employee

Welcome to the Meraki Community, great to have you join us, and congrats on the CMNA certification!

Kind of a big deal

Hola @Alberto_Araujo  que tal y bienvenido.  


Welcome Alberto!

Welcome and have fun (not only) with your CMNA gear 😎

Hi. Thanks….   🙂  In fact, i didn't receive the free gear already, but until that i'm having fun with my Company's deployment. Hope to receive the free gear ASAP, but as the COVID-19 situation i'm expecting to wait some more time...



Meraki Employee
Meraki Employee

Bienvenido Alberto!
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Head in the Cloud

Welcome to the community! Hope all is well in Spain these days.

Hi. Thank you 🙂

By the moment we are still standing, hope this situation will be solved soon and we all can return to normality.


Cheers … 🙂


Congrats on the CMNA certification!
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