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Hi Folks,


I'm with Skydance Animation in L.A., and am the System Engineer for storage, some networking and "stuff" 🙂  Skydance is my first experience with Meraki -- we have a dozen MR42's for the WiFI network and are testing the Z3 as a future enhancement to our WFH package.


Since I am new to Meraki, and my network background is mostly non-Cisco, I am looking for hints, help, configuration assistance from the Community as I bump into issues.


Fun Fact:  Installed tons of ATM networks in Hollywood before GigE came along.

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Kind of a big deal

Welcome Keith,


I'm sure you'll find what you need here. If you have any questions, let us know.


The concept of ATMs is fascinating. We don't have those here in Belgium. The ones we have are all owned by banks. While it seems over there one can simply buy an ATM. I watched strangeparts' video series on how he made a slot machine atm, super interesting.



Head in the Cloud

Hello @keith58 ! Welcome to the Meraki Community! It is a great community to be a part of and we are glad to have you here. ATMs! Its amazing that these big, heavy machines are basically a safe in the bottom and now, a tiny computer and a screen in the top. Obviously a lot more than that, but it was cool to see the insides of them.

Here to help

Hello @keith58,


Let me know how the Z3 testing goes, its an interesting solution. 

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The Z3 is awesome for the WFH package. Check out the Project Gallery. I wrote an article about how we were able to push out 40+ networks to individuals last year basically overnight! As long as they are available, you can set it up and truly be a zero-touch deployment setup. The Z3C is great as well.
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