Hello Meraki Community !!!

Here to help

Hello Meraki Community !!!



My name is Alexis, I am an IT French worker 😎.

My job is administrator system and network.

20 years old in IT...

I manage some Cisco equipments and after following a Meraki webinar, I can test at home some Meraki equipments.

Today, in my european company, we start to use Meraki a lot over the World...


keep in touch 👾

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Kind of a big deal

Welcome @Alex67 feel free ask any question/concerns you may have. We are here to help. 😁


Hello @kYutobi 

If I need some help, I will ask, I promise ...😋

Getting noticed

Welcome alex!!

Kind of a big deal

Bienvenue @Alex67 .


Any funny stories to share?

Yes, but at home 😎


Since I use the MS220, I play to shutdown the network Connectivity (with Apple app) when my son played at COD or others games on XBOX.

My wife and me laughed a lot, and my son screamed in his bedroom ….🤣

Kind of a big deal

Nice, good on you. He should be playing CS, like real men!

Yes, but only console at home !!!!

But you will try Destiny…..😁


Welcome to the Meraki community!  🙂

THX @SongCloud 

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