And here we go!

Getting noticed

And here we go!

Hi everyone, glad to be here and get more involved!


I work in the IT Infrastructure group at our company supporting 6 locations across the US.  We have been using Meraki about 2 years now and the single pane of glass has been awesome.


BUT...our network engineer recently left (of his own choosing!) so I am hoping to be able to learn and understand more of what we can do with Meraki.


Fun Fact: Senior year in High School I entered a contest just cause...and turned out to be the fastest typer in the state! Who knew?

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Kind of a big deal

Damn, those typing skills would've been very handy if there were a console 😉.


I'm sure you'll get the hang of Meraki quite easily. If any questions come up, let us know!

Great reply!! 😀

Head in the Cloud

Welcome to the Community! That is a pretty cool "why not" contest to win.
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