Ugh. MV Gnome is lost again! (UPDATE: FOUND!)

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UPDATE 9:45am Pacific  Tuesday Dec 18: He has been found on this post about AP placement! Congrats to @ChadWorthman!



MV gnome is indeed a wily one! He did make it through the night in my laptop bag, and I brought him to work. Opened my laptop bag to grab my computer for my first meeting, and he was still there, nestled snugly in the pocket where I had left him. 




Upon my return to my desk, I glanced in my bag... and noticed that he was missing AGAIN! 


I needed to race to my next thing (coffee acquisition ️), so I didn't look for him immediately.... but my coworker spotted him, surveying the office from a wall-mounted AP!




I had to find a ladder in order to retrieve him... but, when I returned to the AP with my ladder... CAN YOU BELIEVE IT? HE WAS GONE!! I have a feeling he's somewhere on the community 🙂


Just like last time, if you find him (a picture of JUST the MV gnome, within Product and Technology discussions - and NOT in the MV forum), reply to the post he's hiding in with "I FOUND THE GNOME!" The first to reply will get their own MV gnome as a token of appreciation for finding our small friend.


Some hints:

  • You're looking for a picture of the MV gnome that's JUST the MV gnome (and not just the silhouette of a gnome)
  • He is in a discussion within Product and Technology Discussions
  • If you look at Friday's and Monday's lost-gnome posts, you may find a pattern that will help you find the gnome this time around


Good luck!



UPDATE 9:45am Pacific Tuesday Dec 18: He has been found on this post about AP placement! Congrats to @ChadWorthman!



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