Please help! Lost gnome! (UPDATE: FOUND!!)

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UPDATE 10:45am Pacific 12/19: @BrechtSchamp found the gnome (in this post about printers). Thanks, Brecht!




Ya'll. Our friend MV Gnome is lost again!


Here's the story — yesterday, after finding him in the post about mounting APs (here), I placed him on my desk. Clearly the windowsill isn't working for him, so I thought maybe he'd like to hang with me at my desk.


MV on my desk (with a cute picture of my son & a Meraki Go sticker)MV on my desk (with a cute picture of my son & a Meraki Go sticker)

But, apparently, my desk isn't an MV-gnome-pleasing location either, because this morning when I arrived at the office.... HE WAS GONE!!




Man. Will the hiding ever end? I'm a little tired of looking for MV Gnome, so I went about my business... but my colleague Chris D found him hanging out on the printer. (Thanks, Chris!)




I went to retrieve him from the printer... BUT HE WASN'T THERE. I think he is hiding in the community again!


Just like last time, if you find him (a picture of JUST the MV gnome, within Product and Technology discussions - and NOT in the MV forum), reply to the post he's hiding in with "I FOUND THE GNOME!" The first to reply will get their own MV gnome as a token of appreciation for finding our small friend.


Some hints:

  • You're looking for a picture of the MV gnome that's JUST the MV gnome (and not just the silhouette of a gnome)
  • He is in a discussion within Product and Technology Discussions
  • If you look at Friday's and Monday's lost-gnome posts, you may find a pattern that will help you find the gnome this time around



UPDATE 10:45am Pacific 12/19: @BrechtSchamp found the gnome (in this post about printers). Thanks, Brecht!


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