MV Gnome has gone missing! (UPDATE: HE HAS BEEN FOUND!)

Community Manager

As I mentioned yesterday, our new buddy MV gnome has seemed a bit restless lately. 


So I wasn't TOO surprised that, when I got in to the office today, little MV was nowhere to be found.


I looked around for a while, but eventually gave up. Then... I got a ping from @GeorgeB:




I'm not really sure what he was doing on George's desk — perhaps he was hoping to learn the secrets of his own creation? Or maybe he just wanted the company of a small succulent & a stuffed husky? In any case, I returned him to his spot on the windowsill near my desk (from which he has a very nice view of the San Francisco Bay), but... now I can’t find him!

I have a feeling he has escaped into the digital realm here on the community.


If you find him lurking somewhere around here, please reply to the post that he's hiding in with "I FOUND THE GNOME!" — the first to reply will get their own MV gnome as a token of appreciation for finding our small friend.


Thanks for your help, ya'll!




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