[GNOMES FOUND] Gnomes on the Roam

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UPDATE: The gnomes have been found! Well done to everyone who correctly guessed their location, and congrats to our randomly selected winner @GretaG301 🎉!



Our Gnomes went off to gather around @AdamS  Switchmas tree! 



As the year comes to a close and the Switchmas season fast approaches, the Meraki team is working diligently to ensure that everything runs smoothly over the holidays. With the wintry weather adding a touch of frosty magic to the atmosphere, everyone is looking forward to some much needed downtime to spend with our nearest and dearest. But amidst all the hustle and bustle, the Meraki gnomes, MV and Switch, have been feeling a little restless.


Lately I’ve been so busy, I haven’t had time to entertain our little gnome friends, leaving this dynamic duo to spend most of their days cooped up indoors, watching the snowfall from their cozy window sills. 


gnomes looking out window at snow.png


However, as anyone who's met these mischievous gnomes knows, they are always up for a new adventure. With the snowdrifts piling up outside their windows, MV and Switch have been secretly plotting their escape. Just the other night I heard them whispering about sneaking off to join in the holiday preparations, and now it seems they made good on their plans!


This morning, they were nowhere to be found, but they did leave behind this clue for us to solve. Can you help me find where MV and Switch ran off to?


We went off in search of a Switchmas tree, 

This one was made by a Meraki employee, 

Look for a post that mentions gnome topology, 

Hiding there at the end is where we will be. 


If you find them, please comment BELOW with “I FOUND THE GNOMES!” and a link to the post where they are. Comments will remain hidden for the duration of the contest. You will have until December 12th at 11am ET to find the gnomes and leave a comment below. We’ll then draw one at random from everyone who guesses the correct location to win your very own pair of Cisco Meraki Community gnome socks!


Meraki Gnome socks.png


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