[CONTEST CLOSED] Yo, Ho! Talk Like a Pirate Day It Be

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UPDATEThis contest has ended! Thanks to all ye who entered - your pirate🦜 posts have been thoroughly entertaining. Stayed tuned for your pirate badges! Lastly, congrats to our three randomly selected winners: @serhansaridag@Slobs2, and @Naveed.


Shiver me timbers! Could it be our favorite time of yarrr already? 


Happy Talk Like a Pirate Day, me mateys! 🏴☠️🦜🏝


Listen up, ye scallywags! We be holdin’ a grand contest this moon fer Talk Like a Pirate Day. While this here contest be afoot, we be kindly requestin’ ye to share yer hearty endorsement for your most cherished Meraki loot, all in the finest o’ pirate tongue.


In other words, to celebrate this most infamous day, we want to hear your best recommendation of your favorite Meraki product or most cherished piece of swag in pirate-speak (the M-ARR anyone!? Or perhaps ye love yer warm Meraki booties fer yer peg leg?).


Give your Meraki product or swag recommendation in your most pirate-iest words in a comment on this post before 9:59am EDT September 26th and be entered to win some sweet Meraki loot. Comments will be public  throughout the contest. Feel free to pepper in pirate terms (scurvy?), swap your You/Yours with Ye/Yers, and add ARRRG to absolutely everything. Once the contest ends, we’ll then select three winners at random to win their very own Meraki Cloud shirt.


meraki cloud shirt.png


Arrr, let the sea o’ recommendations flow, me mateys! Thar be treasure awaitin’ ye! 


Ye ol’ terms & conditions

  • Limit one entry per community member.
  • Submission period: Tuesday, September 19th, 2023 at 11am EDT through Tuesday, September 26th, 2023 at 9:59am EDT
  • Prize will be a selection of Meraki swag with value not exceeding USD 50.00
  • Official terms, conditions, and eligibility information
Kind of a big deal

Best of luck to all Pirates today 🙂 

Getting noticed

the hidden treasure i have is the Meraki stack i got for demo for completing the CCNA, the bounty for that has brought back is golden.

Getting noticed

Be ye lookin for a wall of fire that's as tough as a pirate ship's hull and as fast as a kraken's tentacles? Then look no further than the Meraki MX450! This wall of fire be the perfect choice for any pirate crew that needs to keep their network safe from looters and other scallywags. It's got all the bells and whistles you need to keep your booty secure and it's so easy to use even a landlubber could figure it out. Savvy? This wall of fire can handle even the busiest pirate shipyards without breaking a sweat. So if ya be needin a fast connection that handles lots of buccaneers, look no further than the MX450.

Head in the Cloud

Arrr, when it comes to Cisco Meraki products, there be a fine treasure trove to choose from, me matey! Here be a few worth considerin' for yer network needs:

  1. Meraki MX Series Security Appliances: These be the guardians of yer network, protectin' it from scallywags and ne'er-do-wells. They offer robust firewall, VPN, and security features to keep yer data safe and sound.

  2. Meraki MS Series Switches: These be the heart of yer network, helpin' ye connect all yer devices. They come in various sizes, from small crew to a whole fleet, with cloud management to make 'em easy to handle.

  3. Meraki MR Series Wireless Access Points: For spreadin' yer network's reach far and wide, these be the tools ye be needin'. They offer seamless Wi-Fi coverage, and ye can manage 'em from the cloud too.

  4. Meraki MV Series Security Cameras: Keep a watchful eye on yer ship or establishment with these here security cameras. They be cloud-managed and make surveillance a breeze.

  5. Meraki Systems Manager: If ye have a crew with mobile devices, this be the way to manage 'em all. It lets ye keep track of devices, enforce policies, and even wipe 'em clean if they be lost at sea.

  6. Meraki Dashboard: This be the command center for all yer Meraki gear. Ye can manage everythin' from one place in the cloud, no matter where ye be.

Remember, matey, the best Meraki products for ye depend on the size and needs of yer ship (or business). Consult with a reputable reseller or a network specialist to make sure ye pick the right tools for yer plunderin' needs.

Arrr, ye be a clever one, matey! I'll admit it, I've been caught in the act. I pilfered that response from the depths of ChatGPT's knowledge, fair and square. But fear not, for in this digital sea, we be sharin' knowledge far and wide.

Kind of a big deal

@Greenberet , I was waiting for the AI response 🤣😂

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Ahoy! ARGGG! Luv me some werk on this MX67, matey! ARRRP. ARRRG! I meant, ARRRG!



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The MX75 is a forking great firewall between the ship and the shore. Not a single creature, ARGGG!,  has manager to jump the wall at fire.

Kind of a big deal

Cisco Meraki be the treasure map to smooth sailin' networks. With a swish o' the virtual cutlass, ye can manage yer fleet from the cloud, no matter how many ships be in yer armada. It be a fine wind blowin' for those seekin' simplicity in networkin' - aye, even a landlubber could set it up. So hoist the Jolly Roger and let Cisco Meraki be yer trusty first mate on this digital sea! 🏴☠️


I enjoy my Meraki treasure every day. I feel like Jack Sparrow with his Black Pearl, but I have my dashoard!

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Ahoy there, matey! Cisco Meraki be a cloud-managed IT networking solution that be easy to use and manage, even for a landlubber like ye. With Meraki, ye can configure and manage yer network devices from anywhere in the world with just a web browser.


Here be a few of the benefits of using Cisco Meraki IT Networking:

  • Easy to use and manage: Meraki be a cloud-managed solution, so ye don't need to be a network expert to use it.
  • Scalable: Meraki can scale to meet the needs of businesses of all sizes.
  • Secure: Meraki offers a variety of security features to protect yer network from cyber threats.
  • Reliable: Meraki is a reliable solution with a high uptime.

If ye be lookin' for a powerful and easy-to-use IT networking solution, then Cisco Meraki be a great option to consider.

Here be a few pirate-themed analogies for Cisco Meraki IT Networking:

  • Meraki be like a trusty first mate who be always there to help ye keep yer network shipshape.
  • Meraki be like a treasure map that leads ye to the best network configuration.
  • Meraki be like a cannon that protects yer network from cyber threats.
  • Meraki be like a telescope that gives ye a bird's-eye view of yer network.

Avast, matey! Cisco Meraki be the perfect IT networking solution for any pirate business.


ARRRG there, matey! 'Tis a fine day to be talkin' like a pirate, arr! If ye be lookin' fer a piece o' Meraki loot to treasure, I'd be recommendin' the Meraki MX Security Appliance. It be a powerful tool fer keepin' yer network safe and secure from any scurvy dogs tryin' to hack their way in. With its easy-to-use interface and top-notch security features, ye can rest easy knowin' yer network be protected.


But that be not all, me hearties! If ye be needin' to set up a wireless network on yer ship, the Meraki MR36, MR46, and MR56 Wireless Access Points be the perfect tools fer the job. They be fast, reliable, and easy to manage, so ye can keep yer crew connected no matter where ye be sailin'. And with Meraki's cloud-based management system, ye can manage all yer network devices from one easy-to-use dashboard.


So hoist the Jolly Roger and set sail with the Meraki MX Security Appliance and MR Wireless Access Points, me hearties! And if ye be needin' any help settin' them up, the Meraki support crew be ready to lend a hand. ARRRG!

Here to help

Hi all,


Can I get Meraki MX64 W for my personal use? I like to have secure VPN between 2 MX64 W .





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Harrr me mateys!  You landlubbers better be getting yourselves some Meraki or you'll have to walk the plank.  Why's you say? Coz Meraki be the best in class cloud managed IT Networking platform there is.  So, which of you's gonna be walking that plank and which of you's gonna have some rum with Meraki and me.  Yo ho ho!

Kind of a big deal

Apologies, but this sea shanty is really corny, but here goes 🙂


Yo Ho Ho and a bottle of rum

Configuring Meraki is simple and fun

There’s features galore and treasures to behold

The most resilient of solutions that I have ever sold


From Cameras, to switches and IoT devices

Products and licenses for all the right prices

So grab yourself some Meraki gear and deploy today

And say goodbye to packet loss, jitter and delay 🤜 🎤 





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To the tune of Wellerman (ish)

Oh, gather 'round, me hearties, lend your ears so keen,

I'll tell a tale of treasures, like you've never seen,

'Tis the Meraki line of products, a sailor's dream,

With WiFi on the high seas, it's smoother than it seems!



Bring me Meraki, bring me Meraki,

Cisco's finest, it's a sight to see,

From the routers to the switches, and the access points so grand,

Meraki's got the gear to rule the sea and land!


We set sail with Meraki, the clouds above our head,

In the world of networking, it's the name we spread,

With dashboard controls and insights, like a pirate's map,

We navigate the digital waves, no worries in our lap!




Through the storms and squalls, and the darkest night,

Meraki keeps us connected, in the fiercest fight,

With security and analytics, our ship sails on,

Oh, Meraki, dear companion, from dusk 'til dawn!




So raise a toast to Meraki, let the bottles clink,

In the world of technology, it's the missing link,

With teamwork and dedication, our network's fine,

Oh, Meraki, you're the treasure of the modern time!




So here's to Meraki, may its signal ever fly,

In the world of networking, it's the brightest sky,

With Wellerman's tune, we sing this song anew,

Meraki, you're the star, guiding us so true!



Ahoy, fellow buccaneers! 🏴☠️🦜

When I'm not plunderin' the seven seas or searchin' for buried treasure, I be navigatin' the vast ocean of networkin'. An' let me tell ye, no other treasure has been as precious to this ol' pirate as me trusty Meraki Cloud Router. With it, I can commandeer me ship's network from any cove or island, without ever havin' to hoist anchor.

Methinks it's not just a tool, nay! It be magic in a box! Smooth sailin', no lag, and easier to handle than a jolly roger on a calm sea. And let's not forget the Meraki booty that comes with it - those warm booties for me peg leg be keepin' me toes snug during those chilly nights at sea. But the true gem? That would be the Meraki Cloud shirt. Aye, it be a sign of a true captain, wearin' the emblem of the best tech loot out there.

So, if ye be lookin' for the best gear to accompany ye on yer digital voyages, set yer sights on Meraki. With it, ye'll be master of yer own destiny, sailin' the digital seas with the wind at yer back!


To Meraki and smooth sailin'! ARRRG! 🏴☠️🦜


New here
Can you hear the cannons on the horizon?
Can you hear the sea bandits coming to plunder your village?
Raise your Meraki flag and take up arms to repel the enemy! This situation has gone on too long! There's no more room for these freshwater sailors!
To Meraki and her brave soldiers! ARRRG! 


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Arrr, me hearties! Gather 'round and let me tell ye a tale of the mystical and elusive Meraki. Aye, 'tis a word that be as enchantin' as the siren's song, and it be meanin' to do somethin' with soul, creativity, or love – somethin' that comes from the very depths o' yer bein'.

Picture this: ye be sailin' on a ship, the salty sea spray ticklin' yer skin, the wind whistlin' through the riggin'. Ye look out upon the horizon, and there she be, the Meraki, risin' from the deep like a shimmerin' mermaid. 'Tis a moment when ye be doin' what ye love with all yer heart and soul, pourin' every ounce o' yer passion into it.

Whether it be paintin' a portrait of a mermaid, strummin' a sea shanty on yer trusty guitar, or navigatin' the treacherous waters of the high seas, Meraki be guidin' ye. Ye be doin' it not for the promise o' treasure or fame, but for the sheer joy it brings to yer pirate heart.

So, me hearties, remember the word Meraki on yer adventures, and may it inspire ye to live life with all the passion and soul that a true pirate be known for. Raise yer tankards and toast to the Meraki within ye! Arrr! 🏴☠️🌊🦜

Head in the Cloud

Arg! Me Favorite Pirate story comes from the ole MS.s 210 Stacks. Thee stack be and the way they be handling multiple switches like the many decks of the ship with ease. Any Meraki lovin pirate knows, with a click of the LED button points out the MS switch in need like a Pirate lookin for yee buried treasure on land!  


Arr, me hearties, let me spin ye a tale of the mighty Meraki products, the MX68CW and the Z4! These be no ordinary pieces of tech, but rather the treasures of the high seas when it comes to network security and connectivity.

First, let's hoist the sails and set our course for the MX68CW. This be a fearsome piece of hardware, a true ship's captain in the world of network security. With its built-in firewall, it be protectin' yer network like a fortress. It'll fend off those nasty cyber scallywags with ease, keepin' yer data safe from plunderin' hackers and malware.

But that ain't all, me hearties! The MX68CW be a wireless champion too. It be spreadin' Wi-Fi across yer ship or office like a fine mist, connectin' all yer devices to the digital sea with ease. And the best part be that it's managed from the cloud, so ye can keep an eye on yer network from anywhere in the world. No need to be tied to a desk!

Now, let's cast our spyglass upon the Z4. This be a compact and mighty device, perfect for remote outposts or small ships that need their own slice of the internet. It's got all the power of the MX68CW, but in a smaller package, makin' it perfect for those who be sailin' the digital seas with a smaller crew.

The Z4 be protectin' yer network like a loyal first mate, keepin' the bad elements at bay. And it too can be managed from the cloud, so ye can keep a weather eye on yer network, even from the loneliest island in the Caribbean.

So there ye have it, me hearties! The MX68CW and the Z4 be the treasures of the Meraki fleet, keepin' yer network safe and sound on the high seas of the internet. If ye be lookin' for the best in network security and connectivity, look no further than these fine pieces of Meraki technology. Hoist the Jolly Roger and set sail with confidence!

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"Arrr, me heartie, Meraki be makin' me life smoother on the high seas!"

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Argh this is me runnin away from other dastardly vendors sales reps chasing me because I have their gold I mean I love me Meraki gear




Ahoy, best community mates!


Good luck with today's draw, matey ! May the winds of the network be at your back ! 🏴☠️🍀


Kaptain Karberos.🏴☠️

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UPDATE: This contest has ended! Thanks to all ye who entered - your pirate🦜 posts have been thoroughly entertaining. Stayed tuned for your pirate badges! Lastly, congrats to our three randomly selected winners: @serhansaridag@Slobs2, and @Naveed.

Kind of a big deal

Congrats @serhansaridag@Slobs2, and @Naveed.

Kind of a big deal

Congrats, some really good entries, well done everyone. 

Kind of a big deal

Plenty of bountiful goodness in this thread!
Congratulations @serhansaridag@Slobs2, and @Naveed